November 1st, 2021

Transient anomalous diffusion in heterogeneous media with stochastic resetting

We investigate a diffusion process in heterogeneous media where particles stochastically reset to their initial positions at a constant rate. […]

September 27th, 2021

Sorption-Desorption, Surface diffusion, and Memory Effects in a 3D System

Bio and nature behaviors inspired modelling of diffusion and trapping of particles, key phenomena for life occurrence, must consider a […]

June 22nd, 2020

Anomalous diffusion and sorption-desorption process in complex fluid systems

Diffusion processes occurring in a myriad of systems sparkle great interest in understanding their general properties and applications. In this […]

February 24th, 2020

Anomalous diffusion and random search in xyz-comb: Exact results

We present an analytical treatment of anomalous diffusion in a three-dimensional comb (xyz-comb) by using the Green’s function approach. We […]

February 13th, 2020

Quenched and Annealed Disorder Mechanisms in Comb-Models with Fractional Operators

Recent experimental findings on anomalous diffusion have demanded novel models that combine annealed (temporal) and quenched (spatial or static) disorder […]

October 3rd, 2019

Extensions and Solutions for Nonlinear Diffusion Equations and Random Walks

We investigate a connection between random walks and nonlinear diffusion equations within the framework proposed by Einstein to explain the […]

May 12th, 2018

A nonlinear Fokker-Planck equation approach for interacting systems: Anomalous diffusion and Tsallis statistics

We investigate the solutions for a set of coupled nonlinear Fokker–Planck equations coupled by the diffusion coefficient in presence of […]

February 26th, 2018

Nonlinear Diffusion Equation with Reaction Terms: Analytical and Numerical Results

We investigate a process obtained from a combination of nonlinear diffusion equations with reaction terms connected to a reversible process, […]

October 13th, 2017

The role of fractional time-derivative operators on anomalous diffusion

The generalized diffusion equations with fractional order derivatives have shown be quite efficient to describe the diffusion in complex systems, […]

May 14th, 2017

Ion Motion in Electrolytic Cells: Anomalous Diffusion Evidences

In this study, we argue that ion motion in electrolytic cells containing Milli-Q water, weak electrolytes, or liquid crystals may […]